Every renovation happens when a change is necessary.

Sometimes a full renovation is utterly an emergency when a space has been abandoned or unattended for a long time. At times, as the result of a growing family or a flourishing business we need to reorganize spaces; and as today -more and more often, a radical change in our personal lives pushes us to renovate fully the environment we inhabit, even if it does not implies to demolish a single wall.

The spaces we live and work in affect our emotions and wellness and even our behaviour while some factors as colour, natural light or noise may influence the way we feel and change our mood.

Colour Psychology study how colours affect our emotions and make us perceive our surrounding environments and colour has been widely used as a very important asset to contribute creating wellbeing and healing conditions, and so does natural lighting.

So why not using the power of colour for our own benefit in our daily lives? Colour is much more than a trend.

Many people relate a house renovation with a layout change, a refurnishing project or a building efficiency improvement, and those are definitely very important changes that need to be done some time in a while. Sometimes, we just need to change our spaces mood..